Using VLAB at IADT

VLAB is now available to demonstrate immersive virtual reality 3D environments to indigenous Irish companies, multi-national companies and research groups both in Ireland and abroad.


Research with VLAB at IADT

IADT's School of Creative Technologies conducts research and development in VLAB - a dedicated room with four-walled back projection system rendering high-end immersive 3D worlds based on user interactions.

Projects, programmes & staff

What is VLAB?

VLAB is high-end 3D visualisation system that instantly displays surround interactive 3D environments based on its user position and movements. VLAB studio-quality projection system renders and synchs 3D stereo graphics, tracks users based on optical signals, programs 3D scenarios/worlds and plays ambionic sounds.

VLAB is a cube-shaped structure of 3X3X3 metres that allows in-depth 3D experiments and prototype developments.

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Minority Report application for training

Remember Tom Cruise zooming in/moving/opening images on transparent screens in Minority Report.

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After two months of demonstrations to 'friendly' and 'early adopters' type visitors, VLAB finally has a web site. Thanks to Darran Morris of www.poly.ie & @darranmorris for the design work + back

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